With Docker

An official docker image 🐳 is available for FTPGrab.
For more info, have a look on the docker repository.


For the installation you need to be root or sudoer :

$ apt-get install gawk curl wget mailutils
$ mkdir -p /opt/ftpgrab/conf /var/log/ftpgrab /var/run/ftpgrab
$ wget -O /usr/bin/ftpgrab --no-check-certificate
$ chmod +x /usr/bin/ftpgrab
$ wget -O /opt/ftpgrab/ftpgrab.conf --no-check-certificate

FTPGrab can be run multiple times depending on the number of config files.

Before running the script, you must create your first config file. Read the Configuration page for more info.


$ ftpgrab <CONFIG_FILE>

CONFIG_FILE is a config file located in /opt/ftpgrab/conf.
ex. $ ftpgrab seedbox.conf

Automatic grab with cron

You can automatically grab FTP files by calling the script in a crontab.
For example :

0 4 * * * ftpgrab seedbox.conf >/dev/null 2>&1

This will grab your FTP files using the config file seedbox.conf every day at 4 am.


All instructions to upgrade from a previous release are added in the Upgrade notes page.